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Accompanying Ox Send is a fantastical, retro-style, space shooter, mobile video game.

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Gigabull blasted into creation in 2019 via the musically mischievous minds of Grayson Erhard, Tyler Lindgren, and Chris Beeble. It all began when Erhard and Lindgren got together for a rather fortuitous jam session, siring the Gigaverse and the band's first song, “Just The TRS.” It felt as if a musical UFO landed in your backyard—unexpected, a little weird, but totally rad. In looking to polish the song, they roped in Beeble, a mixer who could turn a ho-hum into a celestial symphony. He was supposed to simply mix the track, but like a comet to a black hole, he was drawn into the chaotic chasm, completing the trio on bass guitar.

Nestled in the majestic, possibly magical, landscape of Colorado, Gigabull warps through genre boundaries and ventures into musical realms lesser known. Think of them as musical astronauts. Their approach is bold, brazen, and a bit bonkers, mixing sounds and styles in a super collider of commotion that leaves the listener's joy and reason somewhat intact.

As the clock ticks down to their 10-song debut album Ox Send dropping July 2024, the excitement is more palpable than an over-caffeinated kazoo player. Accompanying Ox Send is a fantastical, retro-style, space shooter video game that pairs with the music and draws listeners further into the Gigaverse. Diving into the world of Gigabull is like flying through an asteroid field blindfolded—it's exhilarating, a bit scary, but you'll come out wanting another trip. With Ox Send, Gigabull is launching its own multimedia universe, inviting you to join them in the “flaux” state, a place where music, madness, and a touch of magic collide.



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