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Starting July 26th, Gigabull will unveil one song per month from their debut album, “Ox Send,” each paired with a level in their video game.

In this adventure, Gigabull, the band's namesake and the universe's most nefarious horned villain, has seized 10 sacred thumb drives. Each drive contains a piece of the cacophonous puzzle to defeat him: a song from the album. Your mission: reclaim them all.

Take on the role of a G.N.A.R. (Gigabull Nebula Attack Reserve) pilot, fighting through the lunar system to reclaim your home planet from Gigabull. Customize your spacecraft and become a legendary pilot in this retro-style, bullet hell space shooter.

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Gold 68,102 gnarhard
Silver 60,900 phlumpo
Bronze 40,100 Beebz33
 4 38,874 SgtMalFuzMike
 5 34,134 ArmosKnight666
 6 33,272 G.N.A.R. Pilot O2
 7 28,740 G.N.A.R. Pilot FJ63
 8 23,940 BruhThaBuildah
 9 17,700 G.N.A.R. Pilot SN79

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